Campaigns and Promotions


All campaigns and promotions published within this website or on social networks, when the communication comes from official profiles and groups of the Citrinne brand, concern the brand itself and must be carried out in the environment to be processed, except when the guidelines of the campaign or promotion indicate its fulfillment in other environments, physical or virtual.

Citrinne assumes no responsibility for false discount coupons or promotions published by third parties involving its name.

All Citrinne campaigns and promotions have a validity period that must be observed at the time of disclosure, either by email marketing footer, by page on the website or externally broadcast media on our channels. Attempts to participate in campaigns or to use coupons outside the validity period will not be considered by the company and orders that may be made with the benefit, but after the deadline, may be cancelled.

All campaigns and promotions involving Citrinne products, whether internal or from partners, are subject to the availability of our stock. Citrinne is not obliged to falsely make available a product that is out of stock, as well as a free gift offered, for its acquisition within the campaign period, nor to extend promotions that involve it in the face of its unavailability during the validity of the promotion.

In all cases of order cancellation, Citrinne will refund the amount paid to the customer or provide an internal credit with us via COUPON, if the customer so desires.

If the customer chooses, credit card orders will be refunded. When ordering by bank slip, the customer will be contacted via email (the same one used to make the purchase) to provide bank details for the deposit. If the customer does not return, he can be contacted via whatsapp or telephone.


As a rule, promotions and campaigns involving the use of discount coupons are not cumulative. In other words, it is not possible to insert more than 1 (one) discount coupon in the system, to accumulate benefits.

For promotions and benefits involving the use of discount coupons or gift coupons, it is necessary for the customer to enter the promotional code in the order (coupon field) before closing the purchase. Citrinne is not responsible for orders that did not have the coupon inserted, either in the later sending of the gift offered or in the reimbursement of the discount amount not applied by the customer.


Citrinne does not reserve products for customers or schedule future purchases. Adding products to the cart does not guarantee stock and, at the time of closing the open purchase, if the product is no longer available, it will be removed from your shopping cart automatically by the system.